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Playa Pancakes

One 5 lb. bag Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix
An unspecified amount of water
The largest bowl or stockpot you can find
Long stirring instrument
Diced, donated fruit (optional)

Pour pancake mix and water into the bowl. Being careful not to overmix, stir together until you reach a consistency you could call "batter". If you have a lot of fruit, go ahead and dump it in.

Heat a frying pan or griddle over a propane camping stove, then spray it liberally with Pam. Drop a ladle of batter onto the pan and let it cook undisturbed until bubbles form on the top. Flip the pancake and let it cook on the other side until golden brown. Serve hot with syrup. Repeat hundreds of times, then go back and make more batter.


Feeds half a morning's worth of cracked-out burners.

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