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June 16, 2007 11am-6pm
Golden Gate Park

Bring your virgins, your newbies, your dust-free friends...And introduce them to the Burners in their backyard. This as an event FOR and BY Burning Man volunteers and their NOOBIE friends...(yes, bring your kids too!)...Saturday June 16, 11AM-6PM in Golden Gate Park..."If you are a Burning Man volunteer, or are a virgin burner "NOOBIE" who wants to meet burners and learn more about the event, this picnic is for YOU!"

This here is a Potluck BBQ...Bring something for the grill, or a dish to share, or drinks to share. It's self-reliant, Burner do-ocracy, gift economy-style. After all, we're out to ed-ju-ma-cate them virgins on how we 'do it'.

"You must bring everything with you to survive the pic-i-nic"

  • At least 12 oz beer per adult, per hour. (But no kegs, park rules).
  • Enough grillable food for you and your group.
  • Layered clothing that preferably sparkles.
  • A good folding camp chair or picnic blanket.
  • 'Leave No Trace' garbage bags.
  • Sunscreen & shades.
  • Common sense, an open mind, and a positive, playful attitude.
  • A Frisbee or ball is highly recommended.
  • Coleslaw, Frito Pie, Potato Salad, Ambrosia!
  • Goggles and face masks in case of dust storms or bear attack.
  • Virgins! Newbies! More Virgins!

Like a BRC theme camp, a certain level of stuff will be provided: such as charcoal, plates, utensils, and condiments. You know, the basics...yes, condiments!

We have lots in store for you, check out the basket o' fun...

  • Camp Montage
  • Duck Pond w/pickletinis
  • Burners Without Borders
  • Camp Stella
  • Fairyland
  • House of Masks
  • Otter Oasis w/Otter Pops
  • Pancake Playhouse w/ Pancakes!
  • Photogartho
  • The Rangers
  • Bluefire
  • Radio-Free Burningman broadcasting from the event.
  • Storytellers Synthia Dalton & G.G. Bisson
  • The Lamplighters
  • Jay Bain Bikes
  • The Monticellos
  • Chlorophyll Collective
  • Photographer Howard Privette
  • Cafe Peeps

**We'll also be bringing back the ever popular "Hydration Toss Off" as well as other picnic-themed activities!

**Pepe Ozan's big purple head, "The Dreamer" is being installed adjacent to our picnic by the good people of BRAF.

**Another BRAF project, "The Panhandle Bandshell" will be opening in Golden Gate Park that very same day!

Make it a ~Burner Day in the Park~, by attending the Bandshell, visiting The Dreamer and joining the Pic-i-nic!

***The Deets***

What: "BBQ A NEWBIE" Pic-i-nic.
Where: Pioneer Log Cabin, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
When: SATURDAY JUNE 16th, 2007, 11am-6pm.
How: By Car, Bike, Bus or Foot. The Log Cabin area is plainly visible from the 'Y' where Stowe Lake Drive branches off of JFK. It is just to the west of the new DeYoung.


Due to the new saturday traffic policy in GGP, JFK will be closed near our site, this will impact parking, so it is recommended that you take transit or carpool. Riding your bike is great too, especially if you are carrying a covered dish.

Walking: Our pic-i-nic site is near the Rose Garden entrance of the park, where you can walk from Fulton Street.
Parking in the Park: the De Young Museum parking lot is just east of the picnic area, and accessible off Fulton Street at 10th Ave for $3/hr, there will also be a limited amount of free parking on Stowe Lake Drive and on MLK. A drop-off site will be established on Stowe Lake Drive.
Transit: Muni's 5, 28, 29, and 44 bus lines stop close by. A "Burner Bike Ferry" will be operating on JFK!!!!!!

LOOK at the site here on Google Maps. Golden Gate Park Map. Plan your trip at

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